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BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood started her forecast by confirming that today will generally be “a fairly cloudy day with some heavy, thundery rain around. In fact, some of the rain will turn into torrential downpours and it’s going to feel cooler than it did yesterday. The best of the sunshine will be for Northern Ireland and north west Scotland, but even here, one or two showers will appear.”

Ms Kirkwood said that “so far this month, we’ve only had 20 percent of the rainfall we’d expect at this stage in September.”

The BBC presenter confirmed that the Met Office had placed a Yellow Weather Warning out for “some tricky travelling conditions”.

However, she said “the north west of Scotland would be seeing the lion’s share of the sunshine.

“The north east having a blustery day as well, gusty winds and some fragmenting bands of rain.”

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She said: “Whereas we have rain coming out of northern England into southern Scotland, that too could be heavy and thundery.

“Brighter skies in Northern Ireland, despite a few showers this morning.

“Bit of dry weather too behind the rain with some sunshine, but that in itself could spark off some heavy showers, some of which could be thundery.

“Then later again we’ve got our next area of cloud and rain and strengthening winds coming in from the south west so it’s relentless.”

Ms Kirkwood said that in between these bouts of rain there would be a “drier interlude but we’re expecting some mist and fog to form and it could be dense across Northern Ireland.

“Most of us will stay in double figures overnight.

“Tomorrow we start off with rain continuing its movement across the southeast of England, eventually clearing.

“Then it will brighten up for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, we could seem some sunshine come through.

“But once again there will be some showers developing and some of those could still be heavy and thundery.”

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