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Most of the UK will experience rain on Tuesday with gusty winds. But those areas that will feel some sunshine will experience fairly warm temperatures.

Scotland will see a mild start to the day with quite a few showers and glimmers of sunshine.

Across Northern Ireland, it will be a fairly dry start compared to the rest of the UK, especially across England and Wales.

Southern parts of England will experience torrential downpours which will continue into Tuesday morning’s rush hour.

Met Office Meteorologist Craig Snell said: “There will be quite difficult driving conditions around with lots of surface spray on the roads.

“In fact, we do have a yellow weather warning in force for most of the day across England and Wales as we track this rain northwards during the course of the day.

“For Scotland and Northern Ireland, as we go through the rest of the day it will be a mixture of sunshine and showers.

“But this rain will just gradually make its way northwards across England and Wales.”

During the afternoon, some of the rain will be heavy with some hail and thunderstorms.

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Mr Snell continued: “If you do see some sunshine, it will be fairly warm with highs reaching 21 C (69.8F) down there across southeast England.

“That warning continues as we go into the evening rush hour, especially across eastern England.

“A very difficult commute home here.

“That rain will also just creep into southern Scotland by the end of the evening.

“Elsewhere there will be a mixture of sun, clear spells and showers.

“Potentiality merging into another longer spell of rain for Wales later on in the evening.”

Wednesday will be another unsettled day with both sunny spells and scattered showers.

However, the winds will not be as strong and the rain will not be as heavy as Tuesday.

Some areas will experience sunshine with highs hitting the high teens

But temperatures into the low 20Cs can be expected in the southeast of England.

The Met Office has said it will be updating its website with weather warnings.

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