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Climate controlled storage has become extremely important over the past few years. While traditional storage is still popular taking advantage of climate controlled storage makes it possible for individuals to safely store items that would otherwise be damaged by humidity and extreme heat or cold. When choosing a climate controlled storage company it is important that individuals remember that money isn’t everything. Climate controlled storage is usually more expensive than traditional storage which is why many people choose to go with the cheaper alternative. Before you attempt to save money it is important to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, you should think about what sort of items you are planning to put into storage. If the items are valuable in either financial or sentimental terms then it is important that you do everything in your power to keep your items in good condition. Climate controlled storage is the best way to make sure that your items stay in the best condition possible but before making a final decision it is important that you go through the proper steps necessary to ensure that your choice is the best one. When renting climate control storage unit it is easy to be distracted from the mundane parts of picking a good storage company which could lead to trouble in the end.

Before choosing a climate controlled storage company you should first go over the lease agreement carefully. If possible take the agreement back to your own home or office so that you have time to go over it thoroughly. Most reputable companies will not object to you doing this. Avoid trying to read it the lease agreement in the storage office with the staff. Many staff members will try to give a quick overview of what the contract says, with the overview often being based on what they have been told by others and not being based on what they themselves have read.

Even if the staff members do not attempt to go over the agreement with you it can be hard to read easily with people watching you and indirectly rushing you. Reading the lease agreement at your own convenience in your own home or office will help you avoid being unexpectedly charged additional fees and will give you the chance to discuss any confusing clauses with the staff. Remember, most lease agreements are designed to protect the company as much as possible while offering clients enough protection to encourage them to use the storage facility instead of going to another.

One of the main things that you should keep a look out for when you are going over a lease agreement provided by a climate controlled storage company is the termination of the agreement and rental relationship. There are many companies that will charge outrageous fees for choosing to leave the storage company for any reason at all. Check your agreement to find out what fees if any you will be forced to pay. In some cases renters are only expected to pay a portion of the rent for the remaining month or a full months rent if thirty days of notice is not given. Other climate controlled storage facilities simply keep the deposit required during the initial lease arrangements while others might require renters to pay the entire remaining balance on the contract.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a climate controlled storage company are additional fees that are often only charged to those who rent units in climate controlled facilities. These fees are often utility fees such as electricity and light. Electricity fees are charged to help cover the fees that are accrued because of keeping the temperature and humidity constant in the storage unit.

There are some companies that will allow users to be billed based on monthly consumption meaning that the average monthly bill will often fluctuate wildly dependent upon the weather conditions. Other storage companies simply include a standard utility cost for climate controlled storage units. Choosing companies that have flat rate storage unit costs can make monthly budgeting much easier. Find out how these fees will be charged before signing any lease agreement.

Lastly, be wary of any climate controlled storage company that offers any free or discounted services. These services and promotions are designed to attract new customers who are shopping around based on price alone. Some of these promotions promise a free month of storage, usually the first month, or $1.00 storage for the first two months. Others offer the free use of moving vans to pick up belongings and move them into the storage facility. These fees are used to cover up additional fees in the future.

For example, free first months or discounted first months often hide large monthly fees. In other cases in order to take advantage of these free months a person must sign up for a years services either paying in advance or agreeing to pay a heavy termination fee. In situations where a free van is offered individuals might later notice a gas or mileage fee has been added to their monthly rental prices. Failure to pay these fees could result in a lien being placed on the storage unit which means all items stored inside will be auctioned off to the general public.

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