Energy – Nuclear Vs Natural Sources


Today we are faced with technology that our forefathers have only dreamed about centuries before. But as we march towards better technology we also have been given with lots of problems. And of these problems, energy crises top them all. The reason for this is the fact that we all have been using energy. Our food uses it. Our water supply needed energy to be processed. Our home needs it. Thus we have to face the reality, we need to find alternative sources. And there are two types of energy sources that really is useful and effective with our needs: nuclear energy and natural resources. And here are some points you may want to know about each of these sources.

Nuclear energy is one of the most versatile and effective type of energy in terms of pricing and sources. In effect, it is possible to create a nuclear power plant virtually anywhere. In fact there are several nations using this to power homes and their industry. And the best part out of nuclear power is the prices of their product. Often, the price for electricity sourced from nuclear plant is around half compared to fossil fuel-sourced electricity. This makes it very feasible to any nation. And the fact that power production comes without combustion, so there will no problems with smoke, among other things, that comes with conventional fossil fuels.

Now let’s see the negative side. One of the most feared from this type of energy source is leaks. Imagine if your place experiences nuclear power plant leaks. It will surely cause a lot of trouble. And how about the waste water that comes from the plant’s cooling system? Even though modern techniques are able to eliminate most of the negative effects of water coming out from the plant, it would still be possible that radiation is present. And when it happens people’s lives will surely be affected. Food, air and water are among things that can be easily affected when this happens. And of course, even though it is possible to build nuclear power plant virtually anywhere, people living near the proposed plant would still be consulted. And often people are hesitant to this idea. Often, they are more afraid for possible meltdown as compared to having a dark night without electricity.

Natural energy on the other side comes with clean energy. It literally does not have any complicated effect on the environment unlike nuclear energy have. It comes free from nature. It has lots of supply we can easily use without worries about pollution. And the best part is anyone can have access to it. You don’t have to rely on power lines just to get your home powered. It can be sourced right from your home. Plus, you can use it directly without having to use power conversion devices. Think about solar heat and air. This can be used without using complicated devices for conversion. And you can use this without feeling guilty.

And are there any negatives? Sure there are some. Often people are thinking much about the initial expenses in using natural energy sources. And there are some modifications on their home that often people are hesitant to do. The area on where they will install their devices is also an issue for some. But what most of us miss is that natural energy sources can be used without using devices. And that can save you a lot of trouble.

Source by Lowell Sansolis


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