How to Become Greener – 5 Simple Suggestions


With climate change and global warming seemingly always on the TV and in the papers it may appear that there is very little difference, we as individuals can do to bring about change but there are hundreds of little things that we can make that will contribute a great deal to a solution, It’s all about becoming green.

If you start to make small changes from now on, you will find that you can become greener and save money into the bargain.

A minor but easy change is to get into the habit of unplugging appliances, most of these consume nearly as much power on standby as they do when being used.

Insulating your house, a major loss of heat is through the ceilings and walls of your home, why give the power companies your money to heat the atmosphere. This of course, works in reverse, if you live in the hotter areas you stop the cooling effects of your air conditioning from being wasted.

Try to shop locally, and buy locally grown food. Groceries that are transported around the world burn up massive amounts of energy and produce tons upon tons of pollutants. Buying locally grown products can often be cheaper and you will get to try a wider range of food which you may never have tasted before.

Recycle, recycle and recycle. Play a game with yourself and your family and see if you can reduce the amount of waste you produce each week. Get a composter for household waste and you can save on the gardening too.

Make use of public transport, it is cheaper than the cost of owning a car for a lot people who do not travel far or regularly. When it comes to holiday time just rent a vehicle for the duration.

Source by Jane Stepper


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