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Eastern and northern England will greet Thursday morning with clearer skies. The Met Offices Steven Keates said: “We’ll see the rain slowly clearing away.” Despite this the whole country is set to be hit by strong winds.

Mr Keates said: “For all of us its certainly going to be on the windy side.”

The strong winds will be accompanied by “heavy persistent rain” in the west of England and Scotland.

Things are looking to be a bit sunnier in central and southern parts of the country as the day goes on.

Mr Keates went on to describe how the temperatures will be fairly average at the start of the day.

He said: “Nowhere is it particularly cold for the start of Thursday”.

Despite this Mr Keates claimed there will still be wet weather throughout the day.

He said: “Through the day we will continue to hang onto the rain.”

Towards the north of England and parts of Scotland there will be more strong winds and rain.

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Mr Keates went on to say how there could be bundles of thunder towards western parts of Scotland.

However the brisk winds will bring in some sunshine later on in the day further south.

The sunshine will bring some higher temperatures than the country has seen over the last few days.

Mr Keates added: “With that sunshine the temperatures will be up towards 20 or 21c/68 to 70f.”

The weather presenter claimed the dry weather is set to disappear Thursday evening.

He asserted: “We might hang on to this shower theme so there’s some downpours to watch out for.”

The poor weather is set to last until the weekend.

Mr Keates said: “In summary for the next few days it’s staying unsettled.

“There will be further wet spells with some strong winds at times.”

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