Winter Activities For People Who Hate the Cold


One of the toughest things for people who hate the cold, is finding activities to entertain oneself with in the winter. Where the summer offers great weather to go to the beach, or the park, or even to go into the city to entertain oneself for the day, these activities become immensely less enjoyable when winter and the cold air rolls around. Here are a few ideas of fun activities to do.

First, forget spring cleaning, do winter cleaning. Why wait until springtime when the weather is nice to clear out your house? The winter time is a great time to do this cleaning as you are already stuck in the house anyway. Try and organize all of your clutter, clean the floors, maybe even paint the walls if you've been pushing it off for a while. Overall, the wintertime is one of the best times to do anything around the house that you've been avoiding all year long.

Next, take a look for fun indoor activities offered at places in the area. Going to see a movie or a theater show is a great way to spend a winter evening. Likewise, visiting a planetarium where you can take advantage of many great winter space events from the comfort of inside a building. Try and search to see what sort of events are going on in your area during the winter that allow you to get out, while staying in.

And of course, take up more leisurely activities. Start reading more, or writing stories. Try playing board games with your loved ones and remembering the activities that kept you occupied as a child. Overall, there is a ton of great stuff that can be done, regardless of the weather. So quit whining about winter's cold air and live it up!

Source by Martin Fister


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