Thinking About Transportation From Different Points Of View


It’s really all about getting from point A to Point B. Back when travel was arduous and dangerous people kept their Point A and Point B close together. Some people never traveled farther than a mile or two from home in their entire lives.

Nowadays there are trains, buses, boats and airplanes that will take you anywhere you want to go. Of course you have to share the space with a lot of other people that you don’t know and might not like. And you have to travel on somebody else’s schedule. And if you are flying you have to go through the security check stations which can, at the least, be a nuisance.

Most people would rather travel by car when they can. Leave when want, stop when you want, arrive when you arrive. People love cars. That’s why there are so many of them. You see them everywhere. You see them advertised everywhere.

Of course there are problems with cars and pollution and the cost of fuel. Those problems are being addressed as manufacturers invent new and better models that use electricity and other alternatives fuels. In the meantime, however, if you want to get where you want to go you need a car that runs now.

People talk about buying other people’s problems. But in fact you can pay for an awful lot of repairs on a used car for what a new vehicle will cost you. Unless your career depends on impressing people with your wealthy appearance you would be smart to shop the second-hand market.

When you buy a second-hand car you are making at least two people happy. The seller wants to sell the car and he will be happy for the money. He will be helping you to be happy if he has cared for the car well and kept a record of its service and maintenance.

Look for a car that is clean and has been treated with respect. Look for an owner or dealer who can talk knowledgeably about the vehicle’s unique features and eccentricities. Ask for specific information about what special attention it will need when you take it in for maintenance.

As with marriage, buying the car is just the beginning. Only in fairy tales does happily-ever-after sum it up. When buying from a dealer get his warranty in writing. When buying from a private party remind him that you know where he lives.

Source by Lenore Rocamora


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