Do Not Fall Prey To The Anti Aging Blitz!


Immortality has long been the quest of humans. In the religious and spiritual sense, immortality is essentially belief in spirit, soul, rebirth, or continuation of some aspect of the human beyond the present existence of the human being. Philosophy and Theology have been active proponents of immortality that science too has added this doctrine in its quest and has given rise to varied scientific pursuits. Scientific advances have only spurred to urge in human longetivity. Stem Cell research, Cryogenics and many other branches have contributed to the vision of a long-long future of the individual.

Yet human frailty is best exhibited by the aging process. Grey hair and skin wrinkles are the first signs of age catching up on you. A closer look at the process of growth shows that cell division slows down and hence the functioning capacity of various organs. Aging is not a disease but a decreasing capacity for adaptation to the environment around. Researches on the anti aging process have resulted in quite a few discoveries and remedies. All are partially responsible and none can claim comprehensive proof to reverse the aging process completely. Some of them are outlined below.

Anti Aging

o Natural human growth is aided by the Human Growth Hormone which decreases once we reach adulthood. The absence of human growth hormone in children remain cause them to remain short in stature. Anti Aging therapy would be taking small doses of this hormone to continue the growth process and reverse aging.

o Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain to regulate sleep. Some anti aging therapies have been proposing doses of this to reverse the aging process.

o DHEA is another hormone that is essential for the estrogen and testosterone the sex hormones. Declining levels of the sex hormones have said to contribute to the aging process in males and females. It is more noticeable in females after menopause. HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy, an anti aging therapy suggests replenishing the body with these hormones to reverse the aging process (Estrogen therapy for women and testosterone therapy for men).

o Anti-oxidants are available in fruits and vegetables and also in the form of supplements. These are taken to reduce the free radicals in the body that contribute to the damage of cells. This reverses the aging process caused due to free radical in the body.

o Herbal and natural remedies are promoted for anti aging remedies. Many Anti aging physicians prescribe Ginseng, coral calcium, Echinacea and other supplements as cure to the aging process.


It is simple that many processes have been outlined above in the anti-aging fight. Each process targets only once aspect of the aging process. Any therapy has to consider the treatment of the body as a holistic unit and not look at it through particular aspects. Anti- aging therapies have resulted in complications like excessive dosage and supplements taken that have caused more harm than good. Natural remedies give the notion of being harmless when many are not. Thought is necessary and so I highlight tobacco, opium and cocaine as natural plants which the world is struggling to eradicate due to drug addiction problems. Fore thought is necessary for any remedy and that is the essence to any therapy you want to choose.

Anti Aging Tips

Our Ancestors have lived long healthy lives. What ails us that we live shorter? Pesticides, inorganic farming and preservative processes along with pollution have contributed in the downfall of human health and age. Fast foods hasten our journey to the grave and yet we eat them and then pop a few anti-aging pills. Hypocrisy is our vice and getting rid of it may help. Keeping yourself healthy is the best bet to a long life.

o Eat a varied diet with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables.

o Maintain a healthy weight. Fasting can also help in adding years to your life on earth.

o Exercise regularly as HGH is released after exercise.

o Go for regular health check ups to treat diseases early and get cured fast.

o Seek prompt medical care when injured or ill.

o Try keeping away from polluted areas be it air, water, sound pollution.

o Maintain a health emotional balance and keep close ties with friends and family.

o If you want to take pills or products that reverse aging, consult your doctor and discern the facts.

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