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The powerful storm is churning with winds of 110mph, according to the National Hurricane Centre (NHC). Hurricane Lorenzo, which is 600-mile wide, is expected to be “one of Europe’s strongest ever tropical storms”. Lorenzo is expected to hit Azores off Portugal on Tuesday before it moves close to the UK.


The NHC had said: “Lorenzo is a large and powerful hurricane and its hurricane and tropical storm force wing field are expected to expand further during the next few days.

“Hurricane and Tropical Storm watch are in effect for Azores.

“Large swells generated by Lorenzo will continue to spread across much of the north Atlantic basin during the next few days.

“These swells will produce life-threatening surf and rip currents.”

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A Hurricane Watch is in effect for Flores, Corvo, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira while a Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for Sao Miguel and Santa Maria.

The powerful weather system is moving north-northeast at 10mph at the moment and will spin close to Britain on Wednesday night.

Based on current projections, the storm could spin north-east towards Ireland and the UK, bringing heavy wind and rains by Thursday evening.

Ireland’s national meteorological service said yesterday that there’s still a “margin of uncertainty” about the storm’s path and continued strength.

“After reaching the Azores on Tuesday, Lorenzo is expected to move to close to the UK by Thursday – bringing a couple of days with potentially worse conditions than this weekend.

“There are scenarios from gales to storm-force 70mph-plus gusts, but there’s uncertainty. Big waves and heavy rain are likely, with the West most likely to be affected.

“Before then, five or six inches’ rain will fall between Saturday and Tuesday in the wettest places. It’s clearly enough for flooding concerns.”

Remnants of Lorenzo could unleash 70mph winds and torrential rainfall across the UK.

Between 30mm and 40mm of rain is expected to fall within the warning area over the weekend.

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