Bulgaria Weather – About the Weather in Bulgaria


The Bulgarian weather is often favorable when compared to home but many people do confuse the Bulgarian climate with other holiday destinations such as Spain.

It is true that weather in Bulgaria can be very hot and very sunny, providing the ideal climate for a Summer holiday. However, it is important to note that Bulgaria does not boast a year round warm climate such as much of Southern Spain.

Bulgaria temperatures in November to Bulgaria temperatures in March can see the mercury drop to minus 20 or even lower and therefore if you’re looking for a bit of Winter sun then Bulgaria is most certainly not the destination for you.

However, Bulgaria weather in April starts to pick up. Often mild temperatures are combined with quite a lot of rainfall though so it is really weather in May in Bulgaria where the season begins to kick in. By the end of May moving into the beginning of June you will start to see temperatures in the mid 20’s Celsius and these will continue to rise. The weather in Bulgaria in July is almost always completely dry and consistently sees temperatures in the late 20’s and early 30’s with cloudless Skies and gentle breezes at the coast providing a great mix for Summer sun.

Bulgaria weather peaks in August seeing the highest temperatures and the lowest rainfall. It is almost always completely dry and sunny through the entire month. Bulgarian weather in September is still very pleasant but towards the end of the month temperatures will stop dropping and rainfall will start increasing by October.

Bulgaria weather, very simply, follows a similar pattern to the UK. The winters are cold but the Summers normally boast fantastic sunshine with little rain and often clear blue skies. Bulgarian weather also benefits from soft breezes which makes sunbathing that little more enjoyable!

So, the times to visit for the best weather in Bulgaria are the end of May through until mid-September. Outside of these times Bulgarian weather at the coast resorts (such as Sunny Beach etc) becomes very cold and rainy and is so best avoided for a beach break.

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