Strong Latin And Greek Roots To Enrich Your Vocabulary


It is considered by most people that enriching your vocabulary of English language is a tedious and time consuming job. On the contrary, however it is the most interesting and rewarding experience once we have identified the Greek and Latin roots which are source for one of the most powerful words of English language. Some important Greek and Latin roots with their usage in English with meanings is given below so that the reader can have a clear idea how easy it is to master the vocabulary of English.

Root Language Meaning English Usage

Ambi Latin Both Ambidextrous; the person who can use both hands with equal skill

Bell Latin War Belligerent; meaning aggressive

Epi Greek Upon Epitaph; an inscription on a grave or tomb in memory of the person buried there

Poly Greek Many Polyglot; a person who can write or speak many languages

Dis Latin Apart Dissension; a disagreement in opinion

Vor Latin Eat Voracious; a person having a huge appetite

Cata Greek Down Catastrophe; a calamity, a disaster

Ortho Greek Straight Orthodox; a person having established beliefs

Eu Greek Well Euphoria; a feeling of great elation or well being

Quis Latin To seek or obtain Inquisition; a questioning that is often harsh and severe

Vis Latin to see Envision; to see with one's imagination

Terr Latin earth Mediterranean; some thing situated or found between two land masses like the Mediterranean sea which is sandwiched between two great landmasses of Europe and Africa

The above list is given just for an example. It is neither exhaustive nor final. It is given just to give the reader the flavor of Greek and Latin roots which are embedded in each and every word we use in English language but are gone unnoticed.

Identifying the Greek and Latin roots and searching words of English in which these roots are being used can be a great fun. It is not only exciting but also much rewarding since you will ultimately have a tremendous vocabulary and will be able to impress any person you come across.

It is recommended, therefore to take the roots given above from the list one by one and search for as many words as you can find and then write it down. Believe me it is the most exciting and easy way to excel at vocabulary. All you have to do is to just set aside only fifteen minutes each day for the search of roots and the words in which they are being used and in less than a month you will be amazed to find out how simple and easy it is to have a command on English vocabulary.

Source by Waqar Awan


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