The Debate Rages On Between Global Warming Alarmists and Climate Change Research


There is a huge debate as to weather the warming of the planet which is rather insignificant considering the geological record is the cause of human activity. That is to say pollution, urban heat and emissions of green house gases. The Global Warming folks say man is mostly to blame for any changes. And the Climate Change researchers say, mankind’s activities are a drop in the bucket of the over minor changes we see.

Rather than debate this chaos and controversy consider this. We are all in this together and perhaps we should use the Global Warming Alarmists to our advantage to build redundancies in the flows of our civilization. I tend to agree we need to protect our civilization from changes, which might catch us off guard; Water supplies, extreme weather, etc.

That makes sense, so rather than beating my head against the Global Warming Alarmists Walls, I would rather use them to serve my will to beef up our civilizations flows to withstand and/or adapt to, without disruption any sudden change, whether from a man-made caused war or Mother Nature.

Meanwhile I watch China’s deserts over take some cities and think well, there is another challenge facing mankind’s civilizations, thus there is plenty to think on to and lots of challenges to fix. The way I see it more CO2 is good for forests, which then produce oxygen. Holes in the Ozone can be good too. All the things we think we are doing to help climate change may be doing nothing but driving companies off shore to less over regulated lands.

Economically speaking the whole thing is causing quite a bit of changes in mankind’s monetary flows and is not necessarily helping strengthen or help the people of various lands. There are so many inter-related issues to this issue.

Urban heat is one thing mankind is doing by planting concrete everywhere, but those changes in weather flows are generally regional and dissipate. However in the “Butterfly Affect” scenarios, we know everything is connected of course. So, there may be more to that, but somewhat insignificant over all considering the Peruvian Volcano this week put out more debris in the atmosphere than 4-months of USA pollution in one day. Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow


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