Is the Earth Too Far Gone for People to Worry About It?


The answer to that question is probably yes? The weather patterns alone are proving it. While the earth is warming everything is thrown out of sync. Sea levels are rising and farming land is being inundated by salt water. Insects are breeding at the time of year to fertilise crops which will lead to untold famine in the short-term. This coupled with the destruction of crops prior to harvest by cyclones, tornadoes, and fire, spells doom.

The planet is tired, polluted, and virtually destroyed by man’s behaviour and greed. Fish stocks are depleted, oceans are warming, coral is dying. Forests are still being cut down to make way for agriculture that, in the long-term, may not have a future because of the need for trees. Generally, the earth is far too gone and it seems not many people are worried about it.

While those like Trump can deny climate change and appoint staff who are climate sceptics to important positions in his administration there is little hope of anything changing. It’s still about money and making more of it.

This is man’s invention while God looked on as part of the plan to bring the world to an end. We are in that time when all life as we know it will be gone. As some try desperately to save the last survivors of some species their future is as hopeless as is that of mankind.

It seems like we are programmed to bring about the plan that was set in place by the Universal Spirit at the beginning. We have not been privy to that plan although it is laid out in the prophecies in the Old Testament.

My reincarnation showed me that we have all returned and brought with us the same mind-set we had before in previous lives. Those who are the destroyers are continuing their acts of murder, whether of the planet or each other. The ones who are spiritual and fighting to save it are listening to the voice within as they have a link that informs them.

My link to the Spirit led me on a search to unravel the facts about the plan and why we are in the last days. Yes, the earth is to far gone for anyone to worry about it. Only the Spirit and those linked to it will be there after the end of it. That is a promise make to them because they are the inheritors of the earth, after it is cleansed of the evil.

Source by Norma Holt


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