Three Ways to Solve the Climate Crisis


Many Global Warming Alarmists are out in full force these days telling us that soon it will be hell on Earth with extreme weather, droughts, parched lands, locusts and a myriad of other problems such as sea levels rising some 18-feet. Of course all these folks say the only way to stop it is to stop polluting the atmosphere with CO2. Indeed, that will not be enough to offset the normal cycles of such a Planet.

There maybe other more viable solutions such as planting some 2 Billion Trees and each time a company puts out more CO2 they need to pay for the planting of that amount of trees or be penalized that cost. Each person born means more 3 more trees must be planted as well and the net loss of trees must be taken care of by additional planting.

Another possible way to solve the climate crisis would be to coat all the roads, concrete and tops of buildings or put solar panels on top. Urban heat is one reason for higher ambient temperatures and it is a direct cause of the growth of human civilizations and that will continue as the human populations reach 20 Billion and then 100 billion by 2100. Solving this issue of Urban Heat now makes a lot of sense and it is easy to re-coat the roads with new materials as need be.

Of course many Global Warming Alarmists believe that it is too late and we are at a tipping point and there is a climate cliff we are about to drive off of. Thus if so why has no one pitched the idea of collecting the CO2 above major cities. It can be done, using giant blimps as vacuum cleaner systems. Then compressing the CO2 and turning it into hardened stone through a super heating baking process. And yet still no word from the Global Alarmists in fixing the problem.

Perhaps rather than attacking industry the Global Warming Alarmists need to look in the mirror and reduce their own CO2 output and live a carbon neutral life, before tearing down human civilization to the point that we are unable to solve the problems later. I sincerely hope this article helps propel thought in 2007.

Source by Lance Winslow


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