The Unperfect Storm; Two Hurricanes for the Price of One


After the movie the perfect storm we dread the thought of combining storm systems. Today we see Hurricane Emily hit glance by Grenada at right between Category I and II, then speed up to Category III and then IV and move at 20 miles an hour with sustained winds of 135 towards another storm system. The storm system it is converging with is also has rotation. Meanwhile Hurricane Emily has a slight degeneration of its organization and seems to be splitting into two systems while one looks to run into the third system, which is blocking it.

What we see now is that winds are down to 105 sustained in the main body of what we are calling Hurricane Emily and it is currently slowing as it interacts on it’s Northern Neighbor storm system, which is unnamed but never the less has sufficient energy. This can do a couple of things; 1.) Collapse Emily; 2.) Combine energy with Emily and reform; 3.) Cause Emily to hover in position meaning it could eventually go in almost any direction. Meanwhile as Emily breaks apart slightly while being interrupted by the islands near by, the storm could separate into two storms. Perhaps it is possible to have another named Tropical Storm or even a second Hurricane from this.

Hurricanes are hard to come by generally as it takes quite a bit for a storm to make it to Hurricane Status, yet we are seeing such energy and heat on the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico waters that this early Hurricane season is a sign of things to come in a most hostile and busy 2005 Hurricane Season.

Right now it is all a guessing game as these weather systems interact since they are making their own weather. What is quite possible is that all this energy from the break up of Emily’s organization and the storm it is heading for, could re-unite and re-organize causing a huge tropical storm with the possibilities of becoming one of the larger Hurricane’s we have seen in this decade. Additionally with all that open warm water ahead it could threaten just about any point it might reach landfall, including all the destruction and flooding you might expect from such a perfect storm. Emily could also give us two-Hurricanes sending one into Belize or Southern or Northern US Gulf shores and the other any place the larger system pushes it, until the next storm system coming up from the Atlantic or Caribbean push it up North or West.

Everyone should watch as these storms interact, as we will learn a lot about Hurricane weather from studying Emily’s passive and aggressive behavior. Perfect little Emily is growing up in an imperfect world with a dual personality. She will be needing some psycho analysis to understand. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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