Water Supply Issues in Midwest and on The East and West Coast; Perpetual Drought?


For any region, country, culture, civilization to succeed and grow and support substantial populations it must have a stable supply and flow of water. Weather and weather cycles play a huge issue with these needs and can create very difficult challenges to over come. EL Nino and La Nina are very well known in the United States. These factors of the Pacific Ocean cycles affect nearly two-thirds of the populations of the World. Causes floods and droughts here in the US.

Large population bases have the need for storage and recharging aquifers during times of excess water. Once it flows to the ocean, it may not return for several years. As populations grow there are increasing frequency and severity of these droughts. Without adequate water supply, common decency goes out the window, with water rights fights leading to court battles in the US and actual wars where countries share a river’s supply. In our country we have are fighting over the means, wasting time to build new infrastructure to lessen the burdens and possible disasters. These issues fill up our courts with bogus lawsuits based on junk science on behalf of non-indigenous and so-called endangered, yet conveniently transplanted species and academia papers to prove it. These issues are preventing us from fixing the flow so we can have the water we need to live comfortably.

These issues of water supply have gone on in North America for a long time. Even after the great Indian civilizations folded due to among other things lack of water, later when the Conquistadors explored what is now Central Valley CA some 236 years ago wrote about the desert landscape. When the Smith family brought water into the Central Valley CA for farming and the Chandler’s brought water into the Los Angeles desert area they all profited immensely. Los Angeles had nothing more than sage brush with an onshore breeze at times. It looked very much like Bakersfield, CA only a few degrees cooler in the summer time and a little higher sagebrush due to El Nino cycle rains.

The LA River ran dry part of the year, like the old rivers through Pima County in Arizona, there were flood periods in both areas that were fairly severe and often. Today both areas for the most part are covered in concrete, LA is some 460 square miles of city, solid concrete, buildings, freeways, airports, Industry and housing. In Las Vegas area along with Phoenix and most of Southern California the growth has been huge. In Las Vegas even since the days of Bugsy, was a fast growth area, sharing the water from the Colorado River and drawing energy and water from Lake Meade and the Hoover Dam.

During this drought cycle even a strong El Nino like season was not enough to fill up the 60-88% depleted reservoirs. Things were pretty bad all over the country as far as water supplies go, sure we are not down and out, but there are serious and not just in the Mid West and South West. Also effect not long ago were the New England states and along the Eastern Seaboard to Florida Everglades. Florida with its expansion and growth will continue to have issues and if it were not for a strong Hurricane season dumping vast amounts of rain, the East Coast might be a world of hurt too.

Source by Lance Winslow


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