Landscaping Using Local Plants


Prepare to design your landscaping around all sides of your house. It does not mean that you will be landscaping the entire area, but rather preparing a guide for the total design.

Tour front, back and sides of the house and envision landscaping using local plants of trees, shrubs, and other flora which will enhance the architecture of the house and the neighborhood.

Sketch your ideas of plant placement. It helps to have the eye of an artist visualizing the height, width, growth pattern, and color of trees, shrubs, hedges, vines, and assorted plants which will be used.

The best way to minimize maintenance which includes labor, water, gasoline, oil, fertilizers, insect and pest control products, gardening and lawn tools and equipment is to utilize native plants. These plants are naturally suited to the climate and soil conditions in your locality.

Advantages of native plants

1. Create a natural habitat for birds and other insect and animal life. Yes, you will attract the good and the bad, however, for your surroundings to exist it benefits the habitat. Introducing plants not common to your state may or will cause problems for the environment and its ecosystem.

2. Help to re-establish natural vegetation representing your state. Each state has a state flower, state bird, and other plant and animal life which make that state unique. Planting tropical plants in a state known for cactus may be a refreshing look, but not good for the environment or the ecosystem.

3. Landscaping using local plants common to your state have a higher tolerance for seasonal changes.

4. No need to worry about prohibited plants by your county, city or state laws.

There is much beauty in your local plants. Take time to be an artist and arrange your plants according to their height, width, color, and texture, and you will be amazed with their beauty.

There are states which are losing their habit because of the increased population. These states are experiencing loss of their habitat and are discovering problems arising from that loss.

The palmetto plant was once considered a common nuisance weed in Florida and they were removed for personal reasons or to build subdivisions, shopping centers, industrial areas and much more.

The years have passed and I have noticed that people are now including the palmetto plant in residential and commercial landscaping because they are not as plentiful and are now considered to be attractive plants.

People are noticing their natural wildlife disappearing and the importance of landscaping using local plants which will help to correct and save local habitats. Just as sea oaks have become endangered along our coastlines we need to avoid these plant losses.

Source by Tricia Deed


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