Asthma and Smoking – Can They Ever Live Together?


The asthma and smoking debate… have you been thinking of quitting smoking? Now you have asthma that choice has been made for you. There is no longer any room for debate. Read this article for some eye-opening facts.

Believe it or not, at one time doctors used to recommend that people should smoke for their health! Soldiers coming home from war were given cartons of cigarettes. Film makers glamorized smoking to the masses and they were gullible enough to take it on board.

The Real Damage Caused By Smoking

In this generation we can see past these beliefs. It is clearly evident that smoking does an awful lot of damage to people’s health and wallets. Discover your real relationship with cigarettes; cancer of the lungs, cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the mouth, chronic bronchitis, complications of viral infections. If this reality is not attractive to you then quit.

Cigarette smoke is largely composed of pollutants and nasty chemicals. These minute substances can cause the lining of the throat to inflame. When inflamed, the throat lining swells up (a symptom of asthma), making breathing extremely difficult.

Avoid Passive Smoke

If you developed a peanut allergy, you would never again eat a peanut or anything contaminated by peanuts. If you have asthma, chuck the cigarettes in the garbage bin immediately and avoid even passive smoke like the plague.

The non-smoking asthma patient is wise to avoid passive smoking, as it can be just as harmful. International law forbids smoking in planes and most countries now have adopted the policy of banning smoking in all public transport. If you live in a country which still allows people to smoke wherever the mood takes them, lobby against it for the sake of your health. People who subject others to foul, chemical laden air, are surely ignorant or selfish beyond measure. Smoking at home cannot be stopped, but a considerate person does not do this. In certain countries, a house which contains traces of cigarette smoke will not be accessed by tradesmen or municipal workers.

Get Help to Stop Smoking

Staying with that decision to quit smoking is not an easy one for the nicotine addict. Get help or you will probably relapse. There are many avenues of assistance. See your doctor for advice. There are talking therapies, group therapies, courses, patches, chewing gum, sprays, etc. There is a method to suit everyone and you may even choose to use more than one. Millions of people have now succeeded in freeing themselves of nicotine enslavement. You will too!

Keep your home smoke free. Remove all ashtrays and should a guest ask for one, explain that it is necessary to keep your home unpolluted, and suggest they smoke outside. Offer them a nicotine patch if they do not want to go out. It is important to have fresh air circulating throughout your home but beware of room fresheners as they also can be triggers. Open a window back and front of your home for a little while twice a day. Children are much more sensitive to cigarette pollution than adults. Seek out practical information on how to protect them against asthma using new and innovative methods. Look up a website with an alternative solution about how to cure asthma the natural way.

Source by Megan Richards



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