What is Global Warming?


We’ve been hearing these words for a few years now and even those who know absolutely nothing about global warming know that it has something to do with the environment. If you watch the news, you’ll hear politicians arguing about how serious it is and finger pointing about who is doing their part and who isn’t. If you look online for the answers, you’ll find everything from the simplest explanation to a scientific one. We’re going to keep it simple here.

In a nutshell, the atmosphere of the earth is becoming warmer than it should and is attributable to human activities, such as carbon dioxide emissions and the burning of fossil fuels. Global warming can be traced back to the Industrial Age, when machines started doing the work of men, and as industry and technology has evolved, the earth’s atmosphere has taken a beating.

What’s happening is that our climate is changing and it’s not just the amount of heat. Sea levels and rainfall and snowfall patterns are changing as well. Scientists are still studying the effects of global warming, but what they know already is cause for concern.

Heat and drought can have a huge effect on the economy and the health of millions, especially the elderly and the very young. Food supplies and water resources could be affected. Warmer temperatures can promote infections and increase air and water pollution, which can lead to even more sickness. It has been said that the one thing we can do nothing about is the weather, but in the case of global warming, we can. By doing our part as individuals and working together in our communities, we can promote a huge and lasting effect on the climate that is to come in the not-too-distant future.

Communities all across the United States have devised ways in which we can all make a difference. The information is at our fingertips and interestingly enough, many of the ways in which we can have a positive effect on our environment will actually benefit us now.

For example, many of the steps we can take to combat global warming such as using energy efficient appliances and walking or riding a bicycle instead of driving a car will have a direct and swift benefit to our own lifestyles. The truth is, when we begin to do the things that will inevitably save our planet, we will save ourselves. We’ll save money, eat healthier, get more exercise, and breathe easier.

Source by Giovanni Santiago


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