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Met Office meteorologist, Becky Mitchell, explained Sunday is to start dry with low lying fog making conditions gloomy.

She said: “It’s dry bright and chilly for most places Sunday morning, there are a few showers around and a little bit of mist and fog.”

In the north of the country that mist and fog will gradually turn to rain and will make its way east across Scotland.

The west of Scotland, however, will enjoy a fairly dry start to the day.

Ms Mitchell said: “Some showers streaming in on a northerly breeze across northern and eastern Scotland, but getting off to a dry bright and chilly start in the West.

“Some of those showers also pushing into northeast England and clipping western parts of Wales but for many starting off on a fine and sunny note.”

In the south it’s a different picture, with the low lying fog refusing to budge, which could produce overcast skies going into the afternoon.

Ms Mitchell added the mist will eventually clear to allow some sunshine in.

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Any chill will dissipate, however, with a warm northernly wind pushing its way up through the UK.

Ms Mitchell added: “Plenty of sunny spells, though feeling a bit chilly, but highs of 11C (51F) to 14C (57F) in a brisk northerly wind through the evening.

“Still some more showers in the forecast starting off in northeast England, gradually working their way down towards the Midlands.

“But for many places it will stay dry with clearing skies under the clear skies across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

The new week will start chilly, with widespread frost to envelope the UK in a chilling embrace.

Ms Mitchell said: “It will be very chilly come Monday morning as we see a widespread frost develop but further south it will be cloudy.

“First thing on Monday we’ll see more in the way of sunny spells and a few showers in the southeast.”

As the week progresses, however, the chill will subside as sunnier spells make for warmer days, though the warm weather makes rainfall likely.

Ms Mitchell continued: “For much of the country next week gets off to a fine bright and settled start plenty of sunshine in the forecast.

“At first as we head through the rest of the week it will turn a little bit more unsettled from Wednesday onwards.

“There is some rain in the forecast pushing its way in from the Atlantic but before we get there we have plenty of sunshine and dry weather to come.”

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