Bowman Power technology gives biogas plant a boost


The ETC technology works by recovering heat from an engine’s exhaust that would normally be wasted and converting it into useful electrical power.

Since installing the system in June Bonnhoff has reduced its fuel consumption by 5.7% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 18%. Its volatile organic compound emissions were also 30% lower as a result of reducing fuel short-circuiting.

Additionally, more than 12,000 kWh of power have been generated without any extra emissions being created.

The installation was carried out on Bonnhoff’s Jenbacher J312 gas engine by Southampton-based Bowman and STORM-Group, which holds the exclusive rights to sell and install the latest ETC system (ETC 1000) in Germany.

Bonnhoff operates two sites in Germany that provide renewable energy. The company has 440 hectares of land to grow crops, and then uses a digestor to turn any waste into biogas. The biogas is then used to generate power across four combined heat and power plants.

The excess heat is used by a local school, gym, fire station, and the largest rose nursery in Europe.

Bjorn Bonnhoff at Bonnhoff said: “I have been very pleased with the results from the ETC 1000 system, with some highly promising initial gains in efficiency and reductions in emissions.

“Bowman and STORM-Group worked seamlessly together and have provided an excellent level of support from day one.”

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