BBC weather: ‘Significant falls of snow’ cover Europe as temperatures plunge 10 degrees | Weather | News


BBC Meteorologist Helen Willetts painted an “unsettled picture” for the continent with “torrential rain” and “intense downpours” expected. She also revealed temperatures are widely “much colder than they should be”, dropping almost “10 degrees lower”. She said: “We’ve had more flash flooding for parts of the Balkans for the past 24 hours.”

She continued: “The rain has been torrential and it will continue.

“This band of cloud is still stationary in areas of Italy, the Balkans and Greece.

“It is nudging further eastwards, with more to follow.

“The next area of low pressure into Friday could give us very significant falls of snow across the Alps.”

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The BBC presenter said: “There are warnings out during Thursday and Friday for parts of Italy, as well as the Balkans.

“Gales with that weather system across the Mediterranean.

“To the east of that, it’s much warmer.

“There is still that heat, fuelling those showers and intense downpours across parts of Greece, the Balkans and Italy again.”

The weather presenter told viewers: “It is much colder than it should be across Scandinavia though, temperatures about 10 degrees lower than the average

“So real contrast, but unfortunately those contrasts will continue to cause problems

“More rain on already saturated ground will cause issues across the United Kingdom, right the way down to Italy, the Balkans and Greece

“So it’s an unsettled picture for London, It’s a cold picture in Madrid, even though it might settle down a bit, AND there are showers elsewhere around.

“And it’s still a very unsettled picture in Moscow, although not as cold here as it has been.”

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