Consequences of Global Warming


In at least the last one hundred years, there have been global changes in temperature with increased temperature, shrinking arctic and the prediction is an increase in temperature globally in this century. This change will not effect the entire world equally as some will benefit from the change while others will suffer economically. There is at least one faction that feels that the climate change will affect human life and wildlife adversely with the demise of many species.

The effects of global warming will not be restricted to that of the arctic and its shrinkage, but will also affect the weather causing severe rain storms in parts of the world and drought in other parts of the world. The oceans pH level will drop considerably by 2011 making the oceans more acidic and with a loss of oxygen. There has been some pH level drop in the ocean since the industrial revolution but the predictions tell us there is more to come.

The consequences of global warming do not stop at the environment. There will be social changes as well. A shortage of food supply, water supply resources and health will develop. There will be a shortage of food because of the changing environment for growing.  Drinking water will be affected by the rain storms and the changing in oceanic atmosphere. The health of humans and animals will be affected by the influx of diseases.

There are some that believe that the changes will affect the planet as a whole by cosmological events such as: meteorites, black holes, super-novas and the loss of human fertility. Some scientists believe that our sun will become too hot to sustain life on earth.

All of the predictions of the cause and effect of global warming all point to the eventual extinction of human life. Some of the predictions allow for billions of years for them to become true and others allow for a shorter time. The controversy goes on as each side presents its own proof of the effect that global warming will have on human life and wildlife alike.

Source by Daniel Lanback


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