An Appreciation of Rachel Carson and Silent Spring


The environmental pollution of our air, land, and water concern me as an alternative health provider, as it should for any human on the planet. Rachel Carson was an early leader in exposing man’s potential to destroy the environment.

Starting in the mid 1940’s Carson, an experienced and gifted writer, became concerned about the synthetic pesticides that had been developed with military funding after World War Two. Her focus was the fire ant program of aerial spraying DDT and other pesticides mixed with fuel oil on private land. That issue prompted her to devote her research and next book to pesticides and environmental poisons.

The result was Carson’s book Silent Spring released in 1962. As the deeply researched information in the book became public a grass roots environmental movement led to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides. Eventually the findings inspired the forming of the Environmental Protection Agency and led Carson posthumously to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter.

Obviously, there was strong opposition to Silent Spring from business interests. DuPont (a main manufacturer of DDT and 2, 4-D) and Velsicol Chemical Company (exclusive manufactured or chlordane and heptachlor) and many others lodged a range of complaints. Chemical companies and their associates defended with vigor the use of their chemicals, but the proof of Carson’s research brought out the truth. During her research Carson found a substantial community of scientists from private industry and government to support Silent Spring claims. Without her diligent research the book would have never made the presses.

Rachel Louise Carson was born in 1907 and died in 1964 from cancer. She began as an American marine biologist and became a nature writer in the 1950’s and wrote several bestselling books.

– The Sea Around Us

– The Edge of the Sea

– Under the Sea Wind.

We owe Rachel Carson a special appreciation as another great American author working to make us safer.

Source by Bill Tallmon


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