Identifying the Cause of Wrinkles


The never-ending battle against wrinkles and the signs of aging will forever be a hot topic in world of skin care. Consumer demand for anti-wrinkle treatments continues to increase as more people are becoming proactive in their approach to controlling the signs of aging. One of the most important factors with fighting wrinkles is to understand what causes the skin to lose its elasticity. The most common causes of wrinkles are discussed below.

Ultraviolet Rays

Unfortunately, one of the harshest elements to interact with the skin is the environment of the earth we live in. The sun in particular has become a major enemy in the plight to better skin. The UV rays produced by the sun actually break down the collagen molecules that maintain the smoothness of the skin. Continued exposure to UV rays requires the skin to rebuild collagen at a faster rate. As time wears on, the process simply cannot keep up, and wrinkles and solar scars begin to develop.

Age / Time

The human aging process is an obvious contributor to the development of wrinkles. As the body ages, skin cells divide more slowly and the inner skin begins to thin. The collagen and elastin that maintains the skins elasticity also begins to breakdown, and the skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes. This weakening of the skin’s infrastructure causes dry skin, wrinkles, furrows and crow’s feet. The easiest way to treat these effects of aging is to prevent them with balanced skin care.

Other Causes of Wrinkles

There are other environmental factors, such as cigarette smoke and pollution that increase the likelihood of wrinkles. These contributors affect the way your body repairs damaged skin by impairing the production of chemical nutrients. Rapid weight loss has also been shown to cause wrinkles by decreasing the amount of fat cells that cushion the face. As this happens, the extra skin begins to sag and wrinkle around the bones. Another environmental enemy of the skin is air pollution. Some commonly found air pollutants have been shown to deplete the amount of Vitamin E in the skin, which is a key anti-oxidant.


So how can we fight back against the advancing sign of aging? The best method is through consistent skin care therapy. The use of moisturizers and sun protection go a long way to preventing wrinkles and sun spots. For wrinkles that have already formed, the best treatment available is the Hydroderm Anti-Wrinkle Cream. This product is the first to offer the transfer of whole collagen molecules through the skin. By increasing the collagen levels in the face, you will notice the wrinkles and fine lines begin to diminish.

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