The Difference Between Dinosaurs and Humans Just Got Smaller, Say Global Warming Alarmists


There are all sorts of theories as to why the dinosaurs died out, or evolved into smaller life-forms, some like myself believe the remnants of those species can be seen today in our birds, rodents, and who knows perhaps even human beings by way of the Tree Shrew – once a dinosaur, shrank in size and then eventually ended up on two-feet with a tail-bone but no tail. Your basic human carbon based bi-ped of the modern era.

Oh and speaking of theories; how about the Global Warming Theory; caused by human emissions of, of all things, CO2 a trace gas in our atmosphere for which mankind contributes a little less than 2.5%? You see, folks are just not buying the global warming alarmists' ascertains any longer, should they I dare to ask? After all, is it possible for one species to contribute so much of any type of greenhouse gas – that it would affect global weather and cause a heating of the atmosphere?

For the skeptics looking at human emissions, termites, and cattle contributions, well, it just doesn't seem all that likely, after all, even though the Earth is small, as planets go, it's still pretty large and the atmosphere is pretty huge on this pale blue dot, perhaps the reason it is blue when seen from outer space. Still, we are to believe that humans are to blame for climate change and to add fuel to that fire, the alarmists have yet another carefully orchestrated piece of research now.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on May 8, 2012 titled; "Dinosaur Gas Emissions May Have Warmed Air," by Robert Lee Holtz. Apparently, some global warming alarmists had attempted to calculate the number of dinosaurs, and the amount of methane their bodies gave off during the digestion process. We know termites and cows give off quite a bit, but these researchers conceived that the dinosaurs would have really put a lot of methane greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

It turns out that massive amounts of methane would be harsher on climate change than CO2 by 9-fold. Of course, both CO2 and methane are excellent growing components for plant life. The research report estimated a whopping 50-100 million tons of methane yearly was produced by the dinosaurs. Indeed, we really cannot prove it one way or the other, so it's all a plausible deniable conspiracy theory the way I see it. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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