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Skin is the only part of our body which is exposed to the atmosphere. In this modern world, there is lots of environmental pollution, which may lead to damage or problems with our skin. Once a problem is identified with your skin, treatment should be undertaken for that. Treatments may sometimes lead to good and positive results, but most of the time has a great side effects. These side effects may arise from several reasons like, the skin care treatment may not suit your skin type, the skin care product may produce some allergy to your skin, your diet control is not good, etc.

As people are very busy with their work schedule, they are not able to spend time in taking treatments. For such people, simple and basic home skin care practice would do the job. They will be able to take care of their skin right from their home itself. So, here in this article, some of the basics of skin care have been discussed. Get aware about your problem and try to be preventive rather than taking treatments.

Types of skin:

While taking up skin care in home, the first and the foremost thing to be known to you is your skin type. It may be Natural, Oily or Dry type. Depending on your skin type only you have to take up your skin care products and practices.

Skin cleansing:

One of the basic skin care process is cleansing of your skin. Skin cleansing has to be done to remove the effects of environmental pollution, dust particles, makeup residuals, etc. which may lead to ailments of skin and hastens the process of aging.

Here is how skin cleansing should be done:

  • Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly first before washing your face, as it may transfer some bacteria’s to your face.
  • Apply the cleanser right from the hairline region to face lips and till necks.
  • After applying the cleanser, gently massage your face with your fingers to remove the makeup, dirt, pollution from your skin. Wipe out the cleanser with a cotton paper or ball. No tugging should be there.
  • Finally use some good branded face wash to remove all the dirt traces. Wash with clean water, your face becomes clean completely.

Skin toning:

Skin toning is an essential part of skin care and people of all skin types should tone your skin regularly, almost daily. The process of skin toning helps you to increase the blood circulation, give a healthy and glowing skin and it will refresh you to the maximum extent.

  • Skin toning should always be done in the direction outwards and ending at the temples.
  • While toning on chin and cheek, make circular movements.
  • While toning in neck region, tone in a direction downwards from chin to neck.
  • Little toning should be done to your eye regions.

Skin toners can be easily prepared from home for all three types of skin. Important ingredients are rosewater and Witch-Hazel.

Tone your skin using a foaming bath:

Skins firmness will be maintained when toned with bath foams that are rich in mint and rosemary plant extracts. They provide a lot of nutrients while toning, which improves your blood circulation. For example, pine extracts from Balsam will be helpful in breathing improvement by increasing the amount of oxygen inhaled. One more advantage of toning foams is that they are very good energy boosters.


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