How To Clean and Maintain Your House


First and the foremost thing, a dirty house is a home for disease causing germs and the best defense against them is to clean up your house but, when life becomes busy, keeping a clean home can fall by the wayside. But, you should try to devote some precious hours from your daily routine to clean up your house as we know; a clean and hygienic surrounding is the key to good health. When your home is well organized, you'll feel better and you'll find important things like your car keys, mobile phone etc. at their rightful places.

Follow a proper routine:

Instead of cleaning your house for a few days in a month, stay ahead of the task by following a daily routine plan, as regular cleaning will not ruin your weekends.

Embed cleaning as a habit in your daily lifestyle:

Cleaning your house can a part of your daily lifestyle which you can follow with ease, for example, wipe down your kitchen sink after washing your utensils, put a basket in every room to collect clutter, always clean your kitchen appliances after use, immediately fold all the dirty clothes after bathing, keep things in their proper places, etc. This kind of daily maintenance can do wonders for your home. Moreover, this way of cleaning your house consumes less time.

Avoid the concept of zones:

Many families follow the policy of allocating a room or zone to every individual of the family. This way of maintaining your house can give good results, but it takes an inordinate amount of time. Instead of this, you should assign one task to every member of the family. For example, one member can be assigned to do dusting of all the rooms and the other individual of the family can be assigned the job of scrubbing up all the windows of the house.

Stay Focused:

It is easy to get distracted from house cleaning so, keep up your focus and stay on the task, till the time the work is not done with uttermost satisfaction.

Organize your equipment:

Instead of running here and there for a cleaning item organize well by keeping all the equipment you need for a particular work at your arm's length.

These simple strategies will effectively reduce your work time and after finishing your work you will some time for your family. So, it is not the moment to think, but the best time to act.

Source by Akshay Puri


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