Sore Penis Predicament: The Over-Stimulation Situation


The very concept of over-stimulation may seem ludicrous to some men, as there’s practically nothing a guy enjoys more than the pleasurable sensations that run through the penis when it is being fondled, caressed or enfolded. Yet sad to say, over-stimulation does occur, and the end result of that situation can be a very sore penis. Now, the pleasure involved in reaching this sore penis predicament may make the pain well worth it. Nevertheless, proper penis care requires that a man knows what to do to protect his mighty member from a little too much (or a lot too much) fun.

In most cases, a sore penis from over-stimulation doesn’t hurt for long. In some cases, a guy may wake up the next morning to find his manhood all set for another go-round. But sometimes the over-stimulation is such that refraining from action for several days may be necessary – and really, what healthy red-blooded male wants to be in that position?

Helpful tips

So what are some things a man can do to help prevent over-stimulation?

– Give guidance. Frequently over-stimulation comes about because a partner, whatever her other assets, doesn’t know the proper way to handle her man’s manhood. It behooves a gent to gently offer some instruction. Saying “That’s a little tight. Could you loosen your grip just a little?” for example, can prevent friction-related soreness.

– Give yourself guidance. When a man is in the midst of a really lengthy masturbatory experience, he may need to take some of that guidance and apply it to himself. Spending too much time ministering to one’s member can result in a pretty raw piece of equipment.

– Decline occasionally. Most guys are always ready to agree to any opportunity for a quick trip to paradise – even if the manhood is already well on the road to soreness before the opportunity presents itself. Exercising self-control and politely turning down an offer for sexual thrills can be difficult, but it may be worth it in the long run. (On the other hand, if this is the woman of your dreams, the experience may be worth the pain. But weigh all the factors before just jumping in and saying “When do we start?!”)

– Love the lube. Yes, a man’s equipment does come with a certain amount of natural lubrication, but often this is simply not sufficient for the task at hand. Fortunately, there is a large array of lubricants out there that can help to keep the penis properly slippery. This is key. Excess friction is the main cause of a sore penis, and can cause issues to develop with the penis skin, as well as a loss of sensitivity in the organ itself. Keeping lubricant on hand and using it generously can help tremendously.

– Love the latex, too. Unless a man is in a truly monogamous relationship, he needs to be using condoms to prevent potential STIs anyway. But latex protection also helps to protect the delicate member from too much friction during a wild bout of sex.

– Keep it healthy. A sore penis, whether due to over-stimulation or other causes, is going to be more resilient if it is kept in prime health. Daily application of a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is one of the best ways to help maintain that health. When the penis is raw and sore, a crème that contains a powerful combination of moisturizers (such as Shea butter and vitamin E) is able to provide soothing relief that also helps to bring about natural healing processes to rejuvenate the damaged skin. Over-stimulation can easily lead to a loss of sensation in the manhood; a crème featuring acetyl L-carnitine is the ticket here. Acetyl L-carnitine is a neuroprotective ingredient that helps protect against peripheral penis nerve injury and keep the manhood appropriately responsive to stimulation.

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