Why Buy an Air Purifier?


If someone came along and asked you, "Why buy an air purifier?", Would you know how to answer this question? Anyone with asthma or other any other chronic breathing conditions know the answer, but for those who only suffer from seasonal allergies or from a having a dirty home, including smokers, the answer may not come so easily.

Before we begin discussing why you should buy an air purifier, if you do not know what one is, you can read "What Is An Air Purifier" at our website before jumping into this article.

Our current environment is not one of clean air, but one filled with pollutants, dangerous chemicals, and even natural airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. And what do all of these have in common? They are responsible for making life miserable for everyone they come in contact with. For those with allergies and asthma, this can be a real pain. However, the problem is, a lot of people think that because they are not suffering from asthma and allergies, that the poor air quality they are bringing into their bodies everyday is not going to effect them.

This type of thinking is almost as dangerous as the pollutants themselves. You need to realize, just because you do not show symptoms of suffering from poor air quality, it doesn't mean they are not having harmful, adverse effects on your health. For example, doctors have been able to link some types of cancer to poor air quality. So although you may not be sneezing or dealing with runny eyes or suffering from shortness of breath, a more serious, underlying condition may be growing from the lack of clean air you are using to fuel your body.

So now that we were able to shed a little light on some of the harmful side effects of poor air quality, it is good to understand that this can be prevented by having a quality air purifier filter out the harmful pollutants in our air. And with today's technology, this can be put to use in almost any location, such as your home or office and even your automobile. An important note to make while we are covering this is that the average home collects more harmful airborne pollutants inside than it actually prevents entering the home. A lot of people think that because their doors and windows are closed and sealed up properly, no allergens or other airborne contaminants will be able to get in.

This is the wrong mentality to use. The particles can actually attach themselves to our clothing and body while outside and when we enter the house, we release them back into the environment, the same one that we think is protecting us from the harmful outside contaminants. To make this more clear, it has been proven that some homes have up to six times more airborne pollutants inside, then the surrounding environment outside.

Any family that has small children should really consider a quality air purifier of some sort be setup and running in their home, especially if you have pets or a smoker in the house. Some airborne pollutants, such as smoke, can cause serious illness in the future, and growing children are at a higher risk. Being around second-hand smoke, young children can develop asthma, chronic ear infections, and a number of other illnesses that can all have their risk of exposure reduced by a system filtering the air in your home. On the opposite side of the spectrum, senior citizens also benefit greatly from breathing in health, purified air.

With a healthy and clean breathing environment, your family and yourself will have a healthier, more manageable life. You can rest assured that by having a quality air purifier in your home that you are providing protection from future illness. Some people are unsure if they really need an air purifier. Some say that they don't need one because they take medicine to keep things like allergies and asthma in check. But if you have an air purifier, not only can you keep these same things in check, but you can also help prevent them from even starting.

Source by Adam David Miller


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