Why Use a Tankless Gas Water Heater?


Electrical “load shedding” is a common feature in some countries where the electricity supply to different suburbs is switched off at different intervals causing much frustration to people, especially mothers with infants or young children. This is usually due to the insignificant electricity producing infrastructures who cannot cope with the electrical demand of households and businesses. Or it may just be weather conditions, such a rain that constantly causes electricity supply failures in your area. Whatever your reason, a tankless gas water heater is your solution.

Why use gas to provide energy to you tankless water heater?

In a nutshell, the following benefits apply when using a tankless gas water heater:

1. Never run out of hot water,

2. Economical,

3. Easy installation,

4. Space saving,

5. Advanced technology,

6. Eco-friendly.

A tankless gas water heater provides hot water on demand instantaneously. It also heats water only when it is required to, and therefore provides beneficial cost savings whereas traditional heaters (such as geysers) continuously has to heat water in the tank. A tankless gas water heater not only saves energy but also has a high efficiency and is able to provide instant hot water while still remaining energy efficient (many of the models that are offered in the market today have energy factors as low as.67). These systems are also not limited by tank capacity as in a geyser system, therefore they can deliver hot water 24 hours a day whenever you require it. No more leaks or geyser bursts costing you enormous amounts of money to repair the damage caused by the water, and you might even save money on insurance premiums. They also supply hot water at a constant temperature and the hot water never cools off even in required flow rates of 10 gallons or more per minute. They also very compact and can be mounted on a wall saving you lots of floor space. The temperature remains constant as units are equipped with state of the art digital remote controllers.

In today’s focus on reducing green house gases the environment are also conserved as natural gas tankless water heaters aid in preventing air pollution and global warming. In certain countries, such as most of U.S. countries, electricity is also more costly than gas on an equivalent energy basis. In a gas heater the type of gas that may be used will probably either be propane or natural gas so you should probably check what sorts of supply is available to you before you purchase a heater. There are many popular brands of tankless gas water heaters, so before you rush out and buy yourself a unit it might be wise to consider doing a little research and reviewing a few testimonials of different brands. It is important to evaluate your needs in terms of your usage requirements, i.e. the flow rates in your area before selecting the correct model that will suit your water heating needs.

Installation for a tankless gas water heater can be fairly expensive as the necessary piping can be quite pricey and good venting is also required. If you want to retrofit a home with one of these units, it can be a cumbersome and complicated process and can also create a longer delay of a few seconds before the hot water starts flowing making short uses of hot water such as washing one’s hands quite irritating, so it might be important to use two or more units in this application. Always remember to select a supplier that offers a complete warranty on the unit and all its working parts as this can save you if the unit fails in a couple of years time.

All companies and households that wanted to become more eco-friendly initially had to invest in more expensive equipment in order to reduce the effect of green house gasses and pollution caused by man-made products. In some countries the government positively rewards such efforts with reduced taxes, thus the overall value received by tankless gas water heaters are phenomenal.

These systems have very few working parts and therefore require very little maintenance. The life span of a tankless gas water heater can be up to 20 years compared to the 5-10 years on traditional water tankers. Warranties are therefore also provided for longer periods and in these 20 years you will also expect significant savings on your electricity bill. Before you purchase any type of water heater for your home, think about what you need for your home usage. You can save money in the long run, be more self efficient, and aid in protecting the environment by buying a tankless gas water heater.

Source by Alexa Peters


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