Rammed Earth Homes Reduce Carbon Footprint


Government Regulations Due For Change

Reducing our carbon footprint, creating homes that shrink energy use, and making homes without destroying limited natural resources should be applauded. Some rammed earth construction advocates believe government regulations like the 6-star rating may drive some environmentally focussed projects off the drawing board this year.

The rating system is intended to cut back carbon emissions by lowering the amount of cooling and heating needed in a home. The new rating system has been called ‘biased’ and critics say it is based on modelling data that does not accurately reflect the lifestyle of homeowners determined to reduce their carbon footprint in all areas of their life.


Even a layman understands that rammed earth builders create a far lower carbon footprint than the energy required to create modern building materials. Yet the new government rating system authorizes new housing built with conventional construction materials. The materials require huge amounts of energy to be manufactured.

A good example is a rammed earth wall or mud brick construction. A typical mud brick wall has a thickness of about 25cm which means the builder does not need to add insulation. The government energy rating guidelines give this a negative score. That does not make sense to the average person.

Education Is Key To Understanding

Builders constructing rammed earth homes are working hard and fast to educate government decision-makers about the facts. Green builder industry leaders point to the lifestyle of earth builders. This is a segment of society that makes a point to limit their carbon footprint on the environment every day.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency have made some indications that the energy ratings system may need to be examined and adjusted. This admission is a result of pressure exerted from scientists and industry professionals. The Housing Industry Association and Master Builders Australia have called for a revision of the ratings system that they believe has fundamental flaw.

This is an important development since many believe the system has produced no real benefits. At least one University energy expert is convinced that the rules have driven up the cost of more than 100,000 newly constructed homes per year.

Rammed earth builders are teaming up with energy aware people who prove their devotion to improving and protecting our environment by creating wonderfully efficient houses.

Investing In Our Future – Planet

A rammed earth house is a sound investment for an environmentally-conscious homeowner. The materials, techniques, and results provide a solid return on every dollar spent. Every rammed earth house built is also an investment in our planet and called home by some of the most earth-friendly people on the globe.

Source by Justin Meadows


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