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Freezing Arctic air will trigger a snowstorm across Europe, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. This comes after the UK experienced its coldest overnight temperatures of the winter so far on Saturday night, with -7.1C was recorded in the Scottish Highlands. The BBC weather forecast claimed that this Arctic drop could continue well into the next week.

The BBC’s meteorologist Louise Lear warned parts of Northern Europe are experiencing a drastic plunge in temperatures.

This drop is far below what it is expected at this time of year, with a freezing -30C recorded in Scandinavia this week.

Lear said: “You can see how much cloud there is at the moment.

“There is another system waiting in the wings. It is going to arrive in from the Atlantic, bringing in more unsettled weather.”

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Lear continued: “There is another area of low pressure moving through the Mediterranean, that will bring some unsettled weather too.

“Sandwiched in between the two are drier interludes.

“It is worthy pointing out that in the south-east Mediterranean, it is still slightly warm, slightly above average temperatures, as you can see through Turkey and Greece.

“It will continue to be pretty stormy across Italy for the next few days, some snow falling in the Alps.

The metereologist added: “It stays cool and settled, so London and Paris have disappointing weather ahead.

“Even temperatures in Madrid are struggling over the next few days.”

Parts of the UK are still dealing with widespread flooding which struck towns across the Midlands and northern England on Thursday and Friday.

Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans warned that a weather system moving across Europe will cause a “fair amount” of rainfall across England and Wales throughout the week.

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