How Penis Size Affects Male’s Ego


Males and sex are two things that get along so well. In real life, even the most conservative males have a wide idea about sex. In the modern life, males are still considered as the “alpha” figures. Even with the emergence of females, males are still in the foreground of every inventions and development in ideas, politics, economics, and all other parts of knowledge. With these statements and facts, male’s ego is really upon the trestle. Anyhow, not all tactile things and visible situations affect a male’s ego. In most cases, sex is believed to be a major determinant. Though there are males who are privy about the matter, the truth sex is an important factor that differ a male’s ego within the circle of his peers.

One of the most important parts for male is his penis. People say that when it is lost, life I over, then there is no more reason to live. Some males consider that their penises are like guide towards immortality and their passing ticket to fame. Regardless, not all males are that satisfied with the penis size they have. Anatomy states that the penis size totally depends of genetics. Beside male enhancements will help, the awareness of having small penis still stays in a male’s mind. Moreover, people with a small size penis will tend to avoid sex talks or any concerns regarding the use of the penis. A male’s ego is totally pitiful once others start to realize that his penis won’t be able to be effectively used.

It’s natural to have a comprehension that male’s ego is tantamount to the size of his penis. As usual, a male with a longer penis gets all the beautiful girls, and is being the object of every female conversation. A huge penis attracts a lot of female and with the increase in female attachment to is a male’s ego. Studies showed that beside small size penis, it can still give proper satisfaction to female during sexual encounter. Anyhow, male’s ego will always contradict to that fact and force statement that a bigger penis is always better and a necessity. A bigger penis translates to sexual fantasies, and a great sex means more pleasure.

In a family, the main object of the parents is to reproduce. Such is a daunting task ahead of every male who plans to build their own home. Males with plans about having a lot of babies, requires a lot of sexual encounters. Males believe that the penis size is very important factor in encouraging their lovers to have sex. A penis that is not big enough can be quite a problem to all males because enticing their lovers to have sex will be much harder. Of course, female who doesn’t get enough and desired satisfaction may blame her man because of having small size penis.

The penis size will always be the factor of big importance factor to males. However, it may sound physical, the effect of a small penis does its damage psychologically. The penis size may not necessarily determine how man is presented in the society. Nevertheless, males cannot deny the fact and statement that size does matter.

Source by Mike Mares


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