Industrial Hygienist and Schools


There are a lot of places that an Industrial Hygienist protects your child without you even knowing it. Bixby Public Schools, Jenks Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, Metro Christian Academy, and Vinita Public Schools – what do all of these Tulsa area public schools have in common? They all have an Industrial Hygiene firm they use to ensure the quality of the air inside their classrooms is clean and healthy to breathe.

The Industrial Hygienists will take a variety of air samples from both inside and outside the school buildings to check the number of particulates in the air. Once they collect these samples they are sent off to a lab for testing. The lab then sends the results back to the Hygienist and they put the results in a report for the school to review.

What happens if the results come back abnormal? Well then the Industrial Hygienist will analyze the results and see what section of the school produced the abnormal samples. If a public school is having construction done then it is necessary that all the dust and construction debris is contained. The Certified Industrial Hygienist used at the previously mentioned Tulsa schools will be on site to make certain that each area being worked on is sealed so that the children breathe in clean air.

The Hygienist knows all the necessary steps to take while your child's school is undergoing major or minor repairs. He is aware of all the studies that show that air quality is important and will be there to do air quality testing before, after and during construction. Because some pollutants can be hazardous, especially if the school building is older, when inhaled the safety professional will be sure that the construction dust is properly contained.

Another source for contaminants is the construction materials and tools. When a school is undergoing construction the Hygienist will be certain to arrange for proper storage of the materials while the construction is ongoing. He will be there to make sure proper safety protocols are followed and enforced. Air ducts are one source for spreading construction pollutants that are easily overlooked, but he will be certain to block off any air ducts that could transport these pollutants to unwanted areas ..

When the Certified Industrial Hygienist is on the scene of your local school's renovation, you can breathe easy. Even after the renovation he will return to do routine air monitoring. The Certified Industrial Hygienist wants your children to be just as safe at school as they are in their own homes. If you didn't see your school mentioned, but want to know if your school employs a local Certified Industrial Hygienist talk to your school Superintendent. Click here to see the Tulsa Hygiene Firm that most TPS schools use.

Source by Leighanna Cumbie


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