Tourist Places in North India


India is a mosaic of colours, religions, history, and culture. It is a country of contrasts where richness and misery abound, where the great metropolises and the soft and peaceful landscape offer a unique and captivating travel experience. Discover unforgettable treasures, smiling people and a country filled with surprises. Best tourist places in India have colourful imperial cities, the splendid palaces of the maharajas and the history of a glorious past.

Discover legendary lands with a glorious past.

India is a unique land and, also, a land of contrasts, where the sacred and the profane are conjugated equally; the most sordid and most sublime of human nature.

The incomparable hospitality of North India inhabitants; to its infinite vehicular chaos opposes the omnipresent faith in a superior force, that is two faces of the same coin, of which the spiritual face is more valuable than the material.

Even without regard to the spiritual component, North India deserves to be visited as one of the most original destinations in the world. For its culture, its landscapes, its religions, its cuisine, its history. It is a part of the seventh largest country in the world and as such has all kinds of climates, geographies, and orographic. As one of the new economically emerging economies, its large cities feature high-tech skyscrapers and high-tech centres of Western capitalism, which are the new version of a traditional agricultural society.

Places to visit in North India

The area most visited by foreign tourists is undoubtedly Rajasthan, in the north-west of the country. It is a state with desert air and many Muslim reminiscences. Rajasthan is well prepared for classical tourism (i.e., not very adventurous) and therefore very visited. In fact, it is an excellent gateway to India because, because of this tourist infrastructure, it is not as shocking as other sites. In the same line is Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, which is super-touristy, is worth exploring.

New Delhi has some great monuments from the Muslim era; its virtues are overcome by the chaos and pollution of the city.

Speaking of cultural clashes, the holy town of Varanasi is one of the best tourist places in North India, although there is something against the classic route, as you have to go east (by the way you can get to Calcutta). In any case, Varanasi sums up India in its most sublime and sordid aspects.

Another Best holiday destination in India is the coastal area of Goa, in the southwest, next to the Arabian Sea. This former Portuguese colony, the hippie redoubt of the ’60s and’ 70s, is one of the most ‘western’ that can be found in India and is famous for its electronic music festivals on the beach as well as its spas. Not recommended for millenary and spiritual India searchers.

Holy Land

If, in general, India is beautiful and considered as one of the most recommended holiday destinations in the world, considering the aspect of spiritual search is the best destination. Because beyond all the labels that stick to North India, your real treasure is spiritual.

The reason why India is considered a sacred land is that, from time immemorial and even today, its soil is trampled daily by living saints. Beyond the tradition and history of India, there is a natural predisposition to accept holiness, what determines this quality is the life and work of these people. There is no external or official entity that legitimizes it, but the very example of the lives of these people (which, sometimes, includes miraculous acts) is the test.

These holy people generally have the wrappings of Hinduism, because they were born within the framework of that religion, but their teachings are universal.

It is for this reason that to go to India is a unique spiritual experience since, in addition to the holy earth and the spiritual atmosphere that one can perceive in general, one can find personally saints.

Source by Fahad A. Khan


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