How to Grow Grape Vines From Green or Softwood Cuttings


Nowadays, most grapes are grown from cuttings. If you grow these plants from cuttings, you will find it easier than getting started from grape seeds. You can start from dormant or green cuttings. Although dormant is the more commonly used than green cuttings, green cuttings are used for grape variety that don’s root well when using the dormant cuttings.

The common varieties that were grown from soft or green cuttings are Vitis aestivalis or Vitis lincecumii or the Muscadine grapes. Planting Muscadine grapes from cuttings has a higher success rate than growing dormant cuttings. The success rate of this variety when using the soft cuttings is about seventy to eighty percent compared to one to two percent if you make use of its dormant woods.

The use of green cuttings is also beneficial when you want to propagate a suitable variety. It is quicker than using the dormant cuttings.

When choosing your green cut, you can make use of any healthy growing shoot or cane. But you must avoid the canes that are starting to harden and begin to turn into brown color. These characteristics indicate that the cane stopped growing. The best time to take green cuttings is early spring time to give the young vines time to mature.

The cuttings must be four to six inches long. Make sure that two or three leaves are with the cutting. You have to remove the extra leaves; if you notice a large leaf in the cutting, you must cut it into half. Remember, a cutting without any leaf will seldom develop roots.

After removing the softwood, you have to place the root in a mist bench that is connected to a heat cable. This is important to maintain the temperature at eighty five percent degree Fahrenheit heat in the root part. If you do this method correctly, you will notice that small roots will start to pop out in six to nine days; your pots must be ready before this happens.

Once you have potted your vines, you have to keep them under high humidity or mist for a couple of days until the roots can protect the plants from sagging or wilting. If you put the vines inside your greenhouse, this will hasten the root growth and the new vine can eventually provide you with more shoots that can be used for cuttings in two to three weeks time. By doing this method you are assured that your cuttings can multiply and become hundreds or thousand after six weeks.

If you do not have a greenhouse, you can make use of a big black plastic pot that has clear plastic cover and maybe supported with wires. It is also better to use glass cover; this will create greenhouse effect to your cuttings. Take note that vines presented with constant heat root faster.

When your plants are ready for planting, you have to make sure you have prepared the soil and other materials for growing your grape vines. While your vines from dormant cuttings need to be exposed to sunlight directly, it is not the same with the vine derived from green cuttings. Vines from soft or green cuttings require additional protection when planted in your vineyard.

You have to be certain that the vines will be initially shaded to prevent them from direct sunlight until they can properly withstand such atmosphere.

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