How to Overcome Paruresis in Just 3 Weeks


Do you suffer from the iron cage that is Paruresis? If so, there’s 2 things you really ought to know:

To start with, this condition doesn’t just haunt you alone – did you know that over seventeen million (yes million!) people live with this distressing disorder?… and

It can be alleviated!

Paruresis is also recognised by several terms, such as bashful bladder, bashful kidneys, stage fright, pee fright, urophobia, pee-shyness, and psychogenic urinary retention. This social stress and anxiety occurs whenever an individual enters a public bathroom, but is not able to ‘do their business’ as they feel other people can see or hear them. Incredibly challenging to live with indeed. Also, predicaments such as being on a moving vehicle such as a airplane or a bus can prohibit an individual from being in a position to urinate.

Paruresis certainly isn’t something one should feel ashamed about. Did you know that about 7% of the population are affected by the disorder? The thing is, because it’s so embarrassing, people are reluctant to discuss it and it never gets rectified. It can also be detrimental to your health. Lots of victims refrain from drinking for hours and hours at a time, solely so they can keep away from public toliets. Evading the rest room for such lengthy periods of time puts huge tension on the bladder and kidneys, and can result in disease and infection. Kidney stones and cystitis is certainly something to be cautious of.

A delay before urination in public places is perfectly natural… it’s a natural survival response – we are vulnerable while urinating and thus need to ensure that the environment is secure before we continue. However, for Paruresis victims the delay leads to anxiety which further hinders their ability to use the bathroom. As a result, the area is regarded as ‘unsafe’ by the brain. This causes the internal sphincter to shut and it is no longer possible to pee.

Paruresis can have an extremely limiting effect on an individual’s everyday living, well-being, and self confidence. Continual sufferers of the condition may stay clear of travelling a long distances, just to avoid being put in potentially distressing situations.

Shy Bladder Syndrome is often traced back to a toilet experience that provoked a lot of stress and anxiety. From then on, the individual simply couldn’t ‘go’. However, the vast majority of Paruresis sufferers blame a distinct, traumatic event which usually transpired in their early teenage years. Some kind of teasing, bullying, or harassment when attempting to use the loo is commonly the root cause.

The power of the unconscious mind is undeniable. In order to treat Paruresis, it needs retraining. Luckily for sufferers of the condition, this is possible.

There’s one solution to curing a psychological condition such as Paruresis; Hypnotherapy. It is the key to unlocking your unconscious mind, and retraining it so that you feel relaxed and calm in public toilet situations. Imagine being able to stand next to two guys either side of you, do your business, and confidently be on your way with your head held high. It’s time for you to be cured. It’s time to reclaim your life.

Source by Paul D Levrant


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