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Windsor is a floor cleaning equipment company that offers cleaning solutions for commercial applications. Schools, health care and retail environments have depended on machines made by Windsor for decades and continue to use Windsor's innovative designs to keep up with their cleaning needs. Windsor prides itself on its innovative designs and creative solutions to the cleaning problems faced by many industries and buildings.

Windsor created the first commercial two-motor vacuum cleaner over 35 years ago that set an industry standard. Windsor was also instrumental in setting a standard for self-contained carpet extractors complete with a full line of cleaning solutions. Today, Windsor's floor equipment line includes a wide variety of innovative machines including the DUO line that they offer throughout the United States. The carpet extractors featured in the DUO line offer both encapsulation interim cleaning and deep extraction in one machine. In addition, Windsor is proud to promote green cleaning and continues to offer innovative machines to the cleaning industry.

One of the green technologies that Windsor promotes is its Aqua-Miser system. This system allows the operator to use fewer chemicals and water during cleaning, saving both money and resources in the process. The Aqua-Mizer system is a crucial part of the Windsor portfolio in that it is both innovative and creative in its approach to commercial cleaning applications. Schools and hospitals are both environments that rely on green-cleaning in ever increasing numbers and the Windsor floor equipment line offers those environments a real choice when it comes to cleaning.

Windsor is also proud to provide a complete line of other floor cleaning machines like floor machines and burnishers, and self-contained and portable carpet extractors. They even offer several specialty cleaning machines that address very specific cleaning needs. The machines produced by Windsor include a variety of upright vacuum cleaners as well as a Chariot floor scrubber that allows the operator to actually stand on the machine (kind of a cross between a ride-on and a walk-behind), saving the energy of the operator in large-scale applications. In addition, the company also features its Axcess Floor Care system that provides a modular kit that offers a complete maintenance solution for both carpet and hard floor environments.

Overall, Windsor is a company that has clearly devoted itself to developing floor equipment, accessories and chemical cleaners that address today's toughest cleaning jobs at a commercial level. Innovative design, thinking out of the box and offering a network of sales and service outlets throughout the United States makes Windsor floor-care machines some of the most accessible floor equipment and floor equipment parts available in the nation.

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