What is Aging and Anti Aging?


Aging is said to be a process occurring in all members of a population after maturity. This involves the gradual decline in vital capacities and ultimately resulting in death.

The science that deals with aging is known as gerontology. This is important in the field of medicine and also cosmetics. Aging is said to occur due to damage to DNA (related to the telomeric sites of chromosomes), accumulation of mutations etc. Environmental factors as pollution and radiations can also influence aging. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking to drugs are the social factors that contribute to aging.

Many diseases like Alzheimer and Cancer are related to age. Progeria syndrome is a rare disease in which the patient, as young as 9 years old, exhibits signs of aging occurring in 70 year old. Werner's syndrome is similar to Progeria except that its manifestation occurs later in life. Cells from these patients are cultured to study aging process. Memory and intelligence also diminish in the later years of life and hence elderly are considered as burden in many families. Hence researchers try to probe into the science of aging and anti aging to find solutions.

With increasing consciousness in grooming and beauty, by both men and women alike, the cosmetic industry is not far from cashing in by introducing anti- aging products. Youthful looks are always envied. One more reason why everybody feels the need to possess youthful vitality is not only for the looks but also the energy. Slowing aging aims at slowing the process of aging which is highly complex and involves different molecules and their interactions. Rejuvenation is the process of repairing many damages to the cell. Rejuvenation spas are out in the market that promise clearing those wrinkles and getting youthful looks. Hence anti-aging products are a any cosmetic company's biggest strength.

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