Solar Energy Facts For Kids – A Brief Look at Our Sun


Solar energy facts for kids have become very popular and is something that scientists and researchers love to talk about these days. Due to the many problems that our earth is facing, such as deforestration and global warming and because most scientists who are studying these problems place the blame on fossil fuels and other non renewable sources of energy such as coal and petroleum, renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy have become all the more important for us and as a future source of energy for us human beings in order to satisfy our energy needs. Although there are plenty of magazines and websites which talk about all these solar energy facts on various media, I feel that is more important for us to spread this information in the form of solar energy facts for kids because they are going to be the future citizens of this world and it is important for them to learn about it now more than ever.

So let us start by looking at our solar system and what makes the sun so important for us. The solar system consists of nine planets (although there are constantly debates and decisions to add and subtract planets, for now we can assume it is nine). All of these planets were formed from the sun millions or possibly even billions of years ago. The planets, in their initial stages were incredibly hot. The earth too was in a similar state and it took an incredibly long time for the planets to cool off. After that, living beings slowly started to evolve on the earth. Starting with single celled living organisms such as amoeba and various other bacteria, these organisms slowly evolved into multi celled organisms which is the reptiles and mammals and plants that we have on the earth today. All this took millions of years to happen. Of course, once the humans took control of the planet and were the most dominant species, human greed resulted in the extinction of various other animal and plant species and the slow extinction of many others. This is one important solar energy fact for kids which has to be known.

Thus, as humans slowly started to evolve and our numbers increased, the energy needs also slowly started to increase to such a high point that it resulted in an energy crisis. When humans started to look at different possible energy sources that could possibly help satisfy our needs, there was the discovery of oil. After that, the world has totally changed and the advancement in technology and science was possible totally because of this discovery of oil. However, this did come with its own set of problems. Due to the harmful residue and dangerous gases that the burning of oil produced, there were small problems at first. But later, as the number of people making use of oil increased exponentially, the problems were to be actually taken seriously.

So, here we are in 2010, trying to find other alternative energy sources that are clean and environmentally sustainable. So, with the above solar energy facts for kids, we must start making an active effort, to try and solve these problems that we are facing through the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy. So good luck with your efforts and hope that this article on solar energy facts for kids actually helped you.

Source by Andy Jerald


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