New Wokingham food waste collection scheme booming


Collections are averaging 1.6kg per household per week, which is higher than WBC expected, and the knock-on effect of the service has seen an increase in the borough’s dry recycling service.

In total, the borough has diverted 2,805 tonnes of residual waste.

The introduction of the service, which is supported by the Greenredeem communications platform, has put WBC well on track to achieve its 50% recycling by 2020 target.

Greenredeem, WBC, and Veolia have partnered since 2012 to motivate residents through targeted campaigns and activities to recycle more and recycle correctly, with Greenredeem providing a digital communications channel to more than 22,000 households.

To support the roll-out of WBC’s new food waste collection service, Greenredeem sent targeted messaging to residents about the environmental benefits of the service and how they could participate.

The campaign also included bespoke modules such as videos, blog articles, quizzes, and pledges, and weekly campaign emails.

These emails received open rates of 45.5% and click-through rates of 34.7%, equalling 82,000 activities were taken.

Matthew Ball, managing director at Greenredeem, said: “With proposals from government for all local authorities to introduce separate weekly food waste collections from 2023, implementing and ensuring the success of these collections is key.

“This is where clear, consistent communications are integral to motivating behaviour change. We believe that providing a digital communications channel directly to residents that liinks action and reward will allow more councils to reach their targets and increase participation in new recycling services whilst at the same time reducing waste.”

Greenredeem will continue to work with WBC to provide communications and support to maintain the service’s momentum.

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