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Storm Bernardo is already impacting the Iberian Peninsula, triggering orange weather warnings for wind and rain. Forecasters are predicting Bernardo to be a high impact storm and will churn seas and thrash the western Mediterranean coast.

Bernardo will also increase the risk of avalanches in Picos de Europa National Park in Northern Spain.

The Asturias regional weather service warned of avalanches: “Within a short period a lot of new snow will fall on the snow already present.

“The amount of snow that is now in the mountains has now become considerable.

“This considerably increases the risk of ‘spontaneous avalanches’.”

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This uptick in storm activity across Europe follows Storm Amelie last week, which brought torrential rain, strong winds and flash flooding.

Amelie left 140,000 people without power across Spain, Italy and France when it at the beginning of November.

Train lines were disrupted after more than 50 trees littered tracks in France, and in Mallorca, Spain a 37-year-old woman was killed by a falling palm tree when out walking with her husband and daughter.

In Italy, families in the village of Sesta Godano were evacuated after heavy rain flooded the Vara river.

Temperatures alongside these storms will remain cool, with wintry showers across the northern and inner Peninsula.

The most intense snowfall will likely be in the Cantabrian Mountains and Pyrenees.

These storms are likely to impact the Peninsula from Thursday through to the weekend.

There will be persistent rainfall, and weather agencies are keeping a close eye on developing storms.

For the storm season 2019-2020 Spain, Portugal and France’s weather services have come up with the following names:

Amelie, Bernardo, Cecilia, Daniel, Elsa, Fabien, Gloria, Herve, Ines, Jorge, Karine, Leon, Myriam, Norberto, Odette, Prosper, Raquel, Simon, Teresa, Valentín and Wanda.

Of these, just Amelie and Bernando have been named weather systems so far.

Additional Reporting by Maria Ortega

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