Why Should You Use Renewable Energy at Your Home


Using renewable energy is one of the most important things that you can do as a home owner. There are various advantages to using renewable energy at your home. Using renewable energy can be something that can help both you (as an individual) and the world (as a whole). There are various options that are available to you as a home owner, when you use renewable energy.

The most common type of renewable energy is definitely solar energy. This energy is used to create hot water at your home and it can also be used to generate electricity by using photovoltaic cells. Although the energy conversion of solar power to electricity has low efficiency, the cost of producing this energy is much more lower than other forms of renewable energy.

The second type of renewable energy is wind energy. By using a residential wind turbine system, you can reduce your electric bill considerably. The wind system is constricted of a wind mill and a turbine. As the wind blows, the kinetic energy of the wind is transformed into electricity via wind turbine. If the wind is fast enough, then the residential system will produce enough electricity for your home. If the wind speed is below the required amount, then the system will be offline and you will use electricity from your local utility company. However, in case the wind speed is high enough to produce more electricity then you can use at that time, you can even sell that excess electricity to your local utility company in most states.

For residential use, you can also use geothermal energy for your heating needs. Although geothermal energy can not be used to produce electricity, it can be used to efficiently heat your house. In some geothermal systems, it is even possible to cool your house.

As you can see, using renewable energy can be very advantageous to provide electricity to your home or to heat up your home. Although the initial costs of your residential renewable energy system can be high, in 10 years or so, you will have gotten back your initial investment and you will continue to save money on your power bills. In addition, you can avail yourself of federal incentives and most importantly your home will gain in value when you decide to sell your home in the future.

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