The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Recycling


Recycling is the process of making new products out of wastes or old products. It is a fun activity when done in groups. It is a major step in order to reduce pollution and to help the Earth become sustainable for the future.

The process of recycling has both, advantages and disadvantages. It reduces certain things like consumption of raw materials, water pollution, air pollution, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. However, you should learn both, the good and bad, before taking a step towards it.

Some points are listed below to help you know recycling better.


• Recycling helps to protect the environment in a balanced way. In order to reduce deforestation, recycled paper made from trees is re-used continually. Like papers, other natural resources can also be reused repeatedly.

• It reduces energy consumption. During the manufacturing of products, raw materials consume a large amount of energy. Minimizing energy consumption is very important, especially in refining and mining.

• It helps to reduce different types of pollution. Pollution is generally emitted from industrial wastes. In order to reduce pollution, recycling of the industrial waste products like plastics, cans, and chemicals, should be undertaken.

• Recycling considerably reduces global warming. CO2 and CFCs are the greenhouse gases that are emitted from burnt wastes. Recycling of waste products has no harmful effect on the environment. Recycling helps to reproduce eco-friendly products.


• Recycling can sometimes be costly. Separate factories are needed to be established in order to process reused products. This process may create more pollution because the process of transportation, storage and cleaning would be repeated several times to produce reusable products from the used or waste materials.

• There is always a question of durability in the case of recycled products. It is difficult to maintain the durable quality of recycled items. These products are generally made up of either overly used trashed wastes or picked up materials from the heap of wastes. Due to this reason, recycled products are cheap and do not last for a long period of time.

• The sites of recycling are often unhygienic and highly unsafe. Diseases can be spread from the places where waste materials are dumped in heaps. Harmful wastes and chemicals may cause other dangers that can have high-reaching effects. It causes harm to those people who work at the site. Toxification of drinking water is caused if such waste mixes with water.

Thus, carefully observing the benefits and disadvantages involved in the process of recycling before going forward with any step is the best way to determine what you want.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi


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