Magnetic Energy, Lindbergh’s Secret


As long as there continues to be more oil discoveries instead of developing and implementing renewable green energy sources the more intense global warming will be. The pursuit for more power, control, and wealth by the current energy conglomerates that continue to use fuel sources of the first and second industrial revolution has always prevailed. They have always trumped those who seek renewable green energy sources that would benefit all of mankind and achieve a balance with nature. Lives have been sacrificed, the natural balance of the planet has been compromised, and mankind has always been unwitting victims of the greed by the powers that be. Their unquenchable thirst has wrought mayhem and destruction on a global scale for over a hundred years. All one has to do to realize just how far they will go is just look what happened to the Tucker Automobile. With the ice caps melting at alarming rates is yet another sure sign that our consumption of fossil fuels has only accelerated climate change all over the world.

As long as we are held hostage by those few and powerful that wield their influence and control current energy policies and supplies the sooner humanity will pay the ultimate price for their gluttony and greed. The most recent discovery of oil off the coast of Brazil is just another example of a feeding frenzy that has already set in motion unprecedented posturing of nations to capitalize on the new found riches that this oil field will bring in.

There is perchance a revival of an energy source that was first conceived over 100 years ago. An energy source that has far reaching implications that will revolutionize the way we think about energy sources. A small startup company in Massachusetts has already expanded and now is marketing what many are calling home based energy systems. Essentially, this system is a reincarnation of the Hendershot magnetic generator. An updated version of the design that Tesla drew up back in the early part of the 20th century. Magnetic energy is energy produced by the earth’s magnetic fields. Harnessing it though has always mystified and eluded many scientists for years. That is until Hendershot back in the 1920’s and now this new corporation have put designs into practical use.

History tells us it was Tesla, a co worker to Thomas Edison who later went on to help Westinghouse become a major energy supplier, was the first person to visualize just what magnetic power will do. But it took Lester Hendershot to put that application into practical use. What is so captivating is their is really no mention of Hendershot ever meeting with Charles Lindbergh. A meeting that enabled the Spirit of St. Louis to make that historic flight. But, it was after Lindbergh’s historic flight that history never has told the real truth. A cover up by our own government to conceal the fact that a working magnetic motor, a motor that would revolutionize every conceivable modes of transport, was capable of doing the impossible. To purposely hide the facts behind the engine that was in the Spirit of St. Louis on it’s record flight from New York to Paris. History books fail to mention that Hendershot was in close contact with Charles Lindbergh. Lester Hendershot was the one who designed the first practical magnetic generator motor that compensated for much of the fuel that was needed for “Lucky Lindy” to succeed.

Who was Lester Hendershot? Not to much is really know about the man, the inventor of the Hendershot Fuelless Generator back in 1927. It is said that during the 1920’s he was working on a new type of aviation compass. While devising this aviation compass he actually stumbled across a method of generating energy in the process, thus came into being the first and only actual working magnetic motor. Immediately it drew the attention of the press and that of Charles Lindbergh. But, it was this clandestine meeting with Charles Lindbergh that Lester Hendershot convinced Lindbergh that his magnetic motor would help power the Sprint Of St. Louis all the way to Paris.

When Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris the Spirit Of St. Louis was not flown back home, instead it was secretively dismantled and crated to ship back to the United States aboard a US navel Cruiser, the Memphis. The real reason behind this was to hide the facts that the engine was so revolutionary and other operating equipment had security implications that the government needed to keep them out of the public’s eye.

What became of Lester Hendershot after Lindbergh’s successful Trans Atlantic flight has happened too many times to inventors that have either stumbled their way into devising working energy systems or have outright put in motion workable models that are contrary to the powers that be. Energy sources that would cut into the profitability of all those oil conglomerates have all gone the way of the Dinosaur. Lester Hendershot soon ran afoul of the government because he insisted that his workable magnetic motor was the real deal. The US government was and still is today is in close collusion with “Big Oil” needed to silence Lester Hendershot and probably bought Hendershot off forcing him to migrate to Mexico where he eventually faded into obscurity.

When Lester stumbled into the working of the magnetic motor was just by coincidence for he was the only person to ever put in play a working prototype engine using magnetic energy as it’s power source. That is until just recently. With the emergence of green energy enthusiasts no longer hiding behind closed doors in fear of retaliation by the oil conglomerates renewable green energy is reemerging to the forefront of scientific discoveries and is now having far reaching implications that will forever change the landscape of how we generate the power we all need. Magnetic energy is a viable fuel source and combined with other renewable green energy sources we now have the capabilities to ensure the future.

Source by Dr. Tim G Williams


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