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Temperatures will continue to plummet across Europe this week. Weather experts are suggesting a stratospheric hurricane, also known as a polar vortex, could collapse. This event is predicted to bring “severe” weather to Europe and parts of the UK.

Meteorologists are warning “severe” conditions are in store for the continent after snowstorms ravaged southeast France, causing at least one death.

BBC meteorologist Susan Powell said: “We have seen some remarkable storms across Europe in the last few days.

“The area of low pressure responsible is slowly drifting eastwards.

“We will see the focus of the worst weather switching towards the Balkans as far north as Hungary as far east as Romania in the next 48 hours.

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The collapse might have important implications for weather in late December and for the rest of the winter in the Northern hemisphere.

A collapsed vortex always “greatly increases” the chances for winter weather towards Europe, accordion to’s seasonal forecast.

In the final model forecast for the upcoming winter, the prediction reads: “A lot depends on how the existing pressure pattern looks when the effects from the stratosphere come crashing down on us.

“In some cases, the effects can be partially ‘deflected’ and we don’t feel much of a change in our daily weather.

“But in most cases, the effects can have a major influence on the distribution of weather systems across the hemisphere.

“We can see the main cooling effects are across Eurasia and the United States.

“In this composite, there are effects of over 30 stratospheric warming events.

“Most such events have sent cold weather down to Europe and United States.

“But there were some that made no real difference, since the existing weather patterns were either too strong already, or the effects coming down from the stratosphere were too weak, to begin with.

“A stratospheric warming event makes no promises but can make or break the weather patterns over the Northern Hemisphere, one way or another.”

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