How Can We Encourage People to Use Biometric Devices


If we are speaking about biometrics, then we are living in an enhanced security age. Ever since the technology's inception, it has seen nowhere but upwards. But why is that? How is it surviving as a major security player?

Why Biometrics?

Biometrics is an authentication technology that measures and analyzes our body's features. You can gain access without having to verify with human eyes and scan at every checkpoint.


There are two types that identify characteristics: physical and behavioral. On the other hand, there are multiple types of biometric devices like fingerprint, face & iris recognition, voice recognition, gait, DNA matching, signature, typing and vein recognition.

Potential Benefits

People all over the world are favoring this technology. Its use is encouraged in government as well as private spheres for purposes like attendance management, online payments, public & national security.

Now let's gain access to some more mind blowing benefits.

Biometric Attendance Machine

What this simply does is scans (usually fingerprint) at your office and enters the exact details. The details include time-in, time-out, and data collection with employee verification.

This time attendance system has its own benefits like:

Workforce satisfaction

Time saving

Organizational efficiency

Accurate & Accountable

Human error perishes

This simplifies the tedious data collection task and throws them into automation mode.

Cuts Major Times

The application of this technology is in multiple spheres. For example, in airports the checking queue becomes smaller as this authenticates people much faster than usual, in workforce, it cuts time by solving thousands of employee records into minuscule data easy to analyze.

Superpowers Are Encouraging It

This is a major trend in the field of biometric security. Big superpowers like USA, Russia, China, and India are going for this technology to authenticate people at crowded public places like airports, stations, markets etc.

Some are also using at borders to identify the nationals and let them gain access. In fact, a war-torn country like Iraq is installing this technology for obvious reasons.

Recently, USA and UK have assured that every refugee coming to Europe will have full authentication including biometric authentication.

It's A Green Technology

We all know how much there is a need for a green revolution in the environmental sphere. Using this technology is a major step ahead. Apart from saving kilograms of paper, biometrics can help replace plastic cards with fingerprint, facial or iris recognitions.

This reduces carbon footprint and develops a "Green Identity" consciousness.

Convenience Grows

There is no password protection or figure verification. The people don't have to carry security tokens, papers or any such commodity for verification. The human body itself is the security tool. This is just another reason for people to use it.

Financial Support

Banks are developing new mechanisms to give quality support to the customers. This technology is gaining territory in banking spheres to combat major frauds.

Ecommerce corporations along with banks are introducing biometric shopping system to counter credit card frauds.

These are the biggest benefits of using biometrics and why people should use it. Even with so many great benefits it offers, the question of reliability is always there in mind the critics. But that's the job of critics. Biometrics is doing its job and doing well.

Source by Fahad A. Khan


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