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According to temperatures in southern Scotland are set to remain at around freezing on Thursday morning as the deep freeze continues to ravage the UK. Other areas will remain in low to mid-single digits, especially in southern counties.

During the early hours of the morning, a band of rain will push into the far southwest with some heavy bursts of rain possible towards Cornwall.

Although temperatures will not be as cold as previous days, a patchy frost is still likely to be present on Thursday morning for some areas.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “On Thursday morning it will get off to a cloudy start with a few bright spells.

“Best of these towards northwestern parts of Scotland and here is where we’ll see the best of the sunshine generally through the day but overall it’s a fairly cloudy picture across much of the UK.

“Some breaks here and there but quite grey skies.

“It stays quite wet across the far southwest.

“This slowly creeps into southern and western parts of Wales.

“As we head into the afternoon some of that rain could be heavy at times but there will be some drier interludes as well.

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The rain will become lighter and patchy with many northern parts of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing some clear spells.

In those areas it will turn quit chilly with a patchy frost possible again in the early hours of Friday.

Mr Dewhurst added: “Elsewhere stays fairly breezy with the cloud around.

“Temperatures will hold up but it does mean a damp start on Friday.

“Outbreaks of rain will push their way northwards through the day again.

“The best of the weather will be across the breaks in the north and the west where there will be some sunshine at times with temperatures lifting.

“But with cloud and rain and still a brisk southerly wind, it will feel quite chilly here for Friday.”

Friday will see many areas staying mostly cloudy with showery rain.

But the rain could turn heavy or persistent in parts of southwest Britain.

Northwestern areas are likely to be the brightest.

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